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­ SHAREHOLDER UPDATE November 25, 2014


November 25, 2014

Dear Medinah Minerals, Inc. Shareholders:

We are pleased to report that AURYN Mining Chile SpA and Medinah Mining Chile parties have now agreed to release the Major Contract Provisions of the Purchase Agreement Mining Option Contract concerning the Altos de Lipangue group of claims in Chile (refer to the Company website to view the original Spanish and Certified English Translation documents).

Medinah Minerals, Inc., Management, Board Members and Medinah Mining Chile Representative will travel to Chile over the week of December 1st to 8th, 2014 to conduct corporate business matters.

Vittal Karra
Chairman/President – Medinah Minerals, Inc.



Property Holdings & Claims

Medinah Minerals, Inc. only participates in mining claims that are fully registered with the Chilean Ministry of Mines through filings by Medinah Mining Chile. Each of the mining claims are in good standing and recognized under Chilean Mensura Mining Laws. The total area of mining properties covers +28,000 gross hectares. Medinah Minerals, Inc. owns 99.9% of Sociedad Contractual Minera Medinah Mining Chile, also known as Medinah Mining Chile.

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